Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pierced Ears

Somebody got their ears pierced today.

She wasn't cooperating with the picture taking, but you can at least see the little gold ball in her left ear.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Slow Start

Do you remember this?

This was Jack's first attempt at food. It took him a good 2 weeks before he really got the hang of the whole eating/swallowing thing. Now look at him...

(I think Jack had a fight with the ravioli - looks like the ravioli won!)

Now, our other little cutie pie is hard at work learning too. We were told by the nannies at her orphanage that she was eating rice cereal. However, we quickly saw that she wanted nothing to do with any kind of spoon we put near her mouth. Hannah has gotten the hang of eating baby cereal puffs and NEVER turns them down. She will "sometimes" eat baby cheetos, graham crackers, and toast. By "sometimes" I mean this...

She will put the food in her mouth - chew it up - and then let it all come back out without swallowing.

I made more baby food and froze it all before we left but she doesn't want much to do with it at this point. In the last week we have had a little more progress with food on the spoon but have had to result to stage 1 baby foods - bananas, pears, etc. It sometimes takes an entire day to get down one container and that doesn't count what is on her bib or her face, BUT it is progress. I know it won't be long and she will probably be a pro.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Encouragement where you least expect it

Found my kids holding this sign on one of those way too-early/haven't yet had my coffee mornings. Made my day!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Older Man

For four months out of the year I am married to an older man. Yes, indeed, my lovely husband had a birthday and turned the big 30 this last Monday! I can't say the day was exceptionally exciting or life changing for him but we did our best to celebrate Mark on his big day. He ate breakfast with Jack and then went to work. His co-workers took him out to Lunch to celebrate and then the kids and I picked him up around 3 pm to head down to Denver. What exciting adventure did we have there???!!!

Well...we toured some hospitals downtown and got shuffled to several different buildings, each time being told we were in the wrong place. We finally made some calls and were directed to Children's Hospital who made some more calls to our Dr's office. It was sometime after 6 pm before we finally got little H's blood drawn and headed back to the car for a drive back up to the mountains. The kids were fed dinner in the car and we did a quick drive through at Good Times for burgers. (At least we were all together)

On Tuesday night, the kids got to give Dad their card and gift - a picture frame of special family photos for Dad's office.

(H and J helping Dad open his present)

Mark, Happy Birthday! YOU are Loved!

How We Doin?

Please excuse the blogging absence, we have had our hands full to say the least. Since coming home we are doing our very best to settle in and establish a routine for our family of four. We overcame the jet lag and a nasty stomach bug that knocked out Jack and Mark the first week we were home. Jack actually caught it again last week and then I caught something nasty that is still hanging on. (I did go to the Dr. today, on Day 8 of this crud and got some meds to try and force it to go away). I have been pretty tired and yucky feeling over the last week and am very thankful to some of my friends for stepping in to help out. Also, kudos to Mark who has often been a single parent at nighttime when I go to bed before the kids and pretty much all last weekend...I love you Mark - you're a great Dad!

All of a sudden having 2 little ones under the age of one leaves lots of logistical questions, such as: how do I carry them both, get to the car, go to the bathroom, put them both down for naps, etc. Many of these questions have already been answered and it is getting a bit easier every day. We have transitioned the two kiddos into the same room and it seems to be working. We figured Little Miss would have no problem with the noise sensitivity but Little Man seems to be doing alright too. They both amaze me at their ability to sleep through the others cries and screams.

They are both little cuties and we are getting adjusted just happy thoughts to my health.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy 9 Months

The last 2 weeks with you have been such a blessing. We have prayed and prayed for you and loved you from afar. Your Dad and I are learning so many things about you each and every day. You are so smiley!!! (Just like your brother) You smile at everyone, even people you have never met. It is as if you wait for people to look at you so that you can flash your smile. I remember very clearly the first time I heard your laugh. It was so sweet it brought tears to my eyes. We were playing buzzy, buzzy bee on the day we first met.

You make the cutest little cooing noises and you have such a dainty, girly voice. Even your cry is girly and quiet. Dressing you up in girly clothes is very fun and I love the thick curls you have on your head. This morning your dad dressed you and even he couldn't resist putting a bow in your hair. He loves having a daughter just as much as I watch out, I think you are going to be a little princess.

You are sitting up. You are scooting to where you want to go on your stomach. You get up on all fours but you don't crawl, you just rock back and forth. You have begun pulling yourself to your knees. Banging objects together is great fun as well as anything that resembles a rattle.

I know you have been around other babies all of your life but now you have a brother. Your relationship has been mostly good (only a little rocky when you are tired). You both take a real interest in one another and you like to smile and scoot over to him. We have several pictures of you two holding hands - it is just adorable. The two of you are warming up to one another more and more each day.

Your interest in food is a little to be desired but there is definitely time for that. We were told at your orphanage that you were eating rice cereal, but so far you have wanted little to do with it or any other food for that matter. Your most common response is to purse your lips and turn your nose up --sometimes you actually shake your head back and forth as if telling us "no." (But it is so cute). We sit down as a family for meals, so we will continue to offer you food. You will occasionally eat baby cereal puffs. BUT, forget anything that comes at your mouth on a spoon or on our finger. Don't worry, you will get there.
Your absolute favorite thing is your bottle - you love it!

You are adjusting to life here in the U.S. So many things have changed for you in your little life over the last couple weeks. We are trying our best to help you to adjust and adapt as easily as possible. We love you so much and want only the best for you.

We are so glad you are with us...we love that we are family forever!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy 11 Months

This is what happens when you try and get your 11 month old to be still.
I won't post the other attempted shots - they all look the same as this one.

Dear Little Man,

You are getting so big. One of my favorite things about watching you grow is seeing your personality emerge. You are becoming your own little person more and more each day. You continue to be such a happy baby.

Your mobility has increased ten-fold this month. You are crawling at the speed of light and love to go in circles around the living room floor. I love to walk around the corner and play hide and seek with you - because you always come find me...and fast too!

Drinking smoothie through a straw

Align Center
Still liking the pink egg

We had some firsts this month.
First step, the day before you turned 11 months.
First word, "uh-oh." You LOVE to say this...when you drop something, when you fall down, and sometimes just because you want to.
First haircut/trim.
I know these are just the first of many firsts for you, but it is exciting and we can't wait to see what comes next for you.

Oh and first time you met your sister too, you already seem to love her. At least you have taken a great interest in her. You are a good son and we know you will be a great brother too.

We love you and look forward to seeing how you entertain us this month with your smiles, laughter, new words, and more firsts.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Family of Four

We are home at last. Mark, Hannah, and I arrived home on Saturday evening after a VERY long flying adventure that had us on 3 continents in about 25 hours. We happily reunited with Jack and introduced little brother and little sister to one another. My parents are here helping out (a big thank you to them) until tomorrow afternoon.

The trip went well and we had a wonderful time learning, seeing, and experiencing Ethiopia. We have many thoughts/emotions/pictures to share and we will over the next couple weeks.

But first we have a few updates for the blog over the next couple of days...little man is 11 months today and tomorrow Hannah is 9 months! Love you two - your dad and I are so blessed!

p.s. - we were hoping to update the blog while we were gone, but could not access blogger.