Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Snow Cheese

I try really hard to get candid shots of my kids. They just don't turn out so great. It also doesn't help that my children are obsessed with saying "cheese." Jack and Hannah even take pictures with our old digital camera and walk around capturing images and asking us to say "cheese" too. Sometime I should post some of those pictures. For now enjoy some of their cheese'in.

*C has a hat too but he is usually pretty bundled when we venture outside, I will have to work at getting a pic of his hat.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Doing Okay

I feel like after my last post I need to clarify that I am doing alright. I have received several texts, emails, and phone calls from friends and family checking in/encouraging me/asking me how I am doing. Thank you! My life isn't always neatly packaged and I felt really good after venting a bit on the blog.

It is the beginning of another week and I had a great weekend. I had some individual time with all of my children (it is rare but so good) and a special date with my husband (thanks to a thoughtful friend). I also got to spend some time in the kitchen making a cake for one of my friends and that is something that is a definite stress reliever right there. See Cake below...

Also, I talked a little in my last post about wanting to go on this retreat. That is not going to happen. But, I am going to go to this. It is a two day conference in Denver...

"for adoptive and foster parents, ministry leaders and professionals designed to help them better understand how to connect with children from hard places in order to help them heal and become all that God desires for them to be."

Anyone want to join me?!

I am excited and looking forward to April! Thanks again for all the encouragement. Parenting is by far the toughest job I have ever had.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


*Disclaimer - honesty lies ahead.

Deep breaths. Cups of coffee. Nah, who I am kidding...pots of coffee. Bites of my 2 year olds potty training candy throughout the day. Prayers for calm. Checking the clock to see if it is nap time/bed time. This is where I am finding myself...

Dealing with potty training, too much toddler energy, teething, a house that is never clean, constantly feeling overwhelmed and behind, sibling rivalry, feeling inadequate regarding how to parent my adopted daughter, frustrated wife not being as nice as I should to my husband and parenting partner.

Would like to do this...

Or maybe this...
an Adoptive Mom's Retreat.. A weekend with other moms discussing parenting put on by Created for Care.
"Created for Care is a non-profit ministry designed to encourage, equip and bring rest to adoptive families through yearly retreats." Sounds amazing.

For now I will just do this...
(Found this on etsy.)

and this...
be thankful for kisses and hugs from little people, the way my 8 month old flaps his arms up and down when he is excited, dance parties, funny toddler comments, the warm embrace of my husband and best friend, and my big warm comfortable bed.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Just Keep Swimming

Enjoyed a refreshing weekend after a stressful week. It's Monday. A new day - a new week. Thinking of Dory's words... "Just Keep Swimming." Doing it with a smile and hoping to stay positive for whatever comes our way this week.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Christmas Play

At our church the kids get to be a part of the living nativity play. This is Jack and Hannah's 2nd year to participate and they have recurring roles as a sheep and an angel. They sure are cute --looking forward to another sheep (little Caleb) next year!

Jack looked at Mark and gave him the thumbs up during the play. While he doesn't exactly look thrilled to be there - I don't think he minded. Last year he did. Good work buddy!

~My little angel~

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Music Video

Enjoy this little music video of the Hubbard kids and their cousins. Jack and Hannah love watching themselves be the stars of one of their favorite songs...and kudos to Mark for making the video.

Friday, January 20, 2012

7 Months

Pictures are from 11/21-12/21

Hey big Boy! Here is what you have been up to...

Eating ice cream.

Just kidding, not ice cream. But, we did introduce to you food this month, shortly after turning 6 months. You liked it right away.

mmmmmmm - food!

You are scooting around on your belly just a little bit.

Playing with all of J&H's toys.

You love this drum because of the glowing red light. You really like to try and eat it.

Hanging out with Santa. You tried to eat him too!

Feeding yourself a bottle in Daddy's Lap.

Little bit of stroller time. You are such a chill little dude - you really are very content to be a long for the ride.

Love the way your eyes sparkle when you smile.

Love you Caleb!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


This year Mark and I began to think about Christmas in a new way. It was the first time that Jack and Hannah could vocalize what they understood or didn't understand about Christmas. We wanted them to know that it isn't JUST about getting presents.

I must say I turned 3 shades of red when a few weeks before Christmas we were sitting in the church and the speaker mentioned the word "Christmas." Jack says loudly to me "Santa comes and we get presents." True. But there is more. We told them the story of Jesus, they played with their nativity, and we wanted them to understand gift-giving as well. So we collected some books for some children in an after-school program in Ethiopia. Hannah was excited about this as she loves to talk about anything Ethiopia.

We bought a few that we picked out together at the store.

We also had Jack and Hannah pick out one of their books to give away...
here they are reading them one last time.

Jack gave away his beloved Thomas book.

Then we had a Christmas get together with some friends and asked everyone to bring some books. We had a great time with our friends and were able to collect a big box of books to send.

Now we just hope that Jack doesn't ask for the Thomas book ; )

Gigi and Grandpa Visit

The day after we got back from New York my parents arrived for a quick weekend visit. We were thankful to have them here and stayed very busy. They watched the kids so Mark and I could attend his company party, we decorated the tree, and did a special Christmas train.

GiGi and Grandpa with J&H waiting on the bus.

Caleb and Grandpa.

GiGi and Hannah on the Christmas Train.

Grandpa and Jack (doing his excited face) drinking Hot Chocolate on the Train.

Caleb and Santa.

The kids with GiGi and Grandpa.

More turkey time favs

There are a few more pictures I wanted to post from our New York Turkey time Adventure.

The weather was so nice while we are there and everyone took advantage of the opportunity to play outside.

My nephew Adam playing football.

Jack on the swing.

Jack, Hannah, and my niece Elaina playing in the leaves.

Ryan, Elaina, and Owen playing with Papa's trains.

My nieces and Mark's sister Kiera making bead necklaces.

Papa, Nana, Mark, Jack, Audrey, and Hannah on the train at the children's museum.

Mark and his mom playing a friendly game of Tetris.

Our kiddos with Nana and Papa.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


So time to get to that resolution...blog updates. Playing catch up here.

This year for Thanksgiving we were in NY with Mark's family. We were able to spend time with both of Mark's sisters, their husbands, and their children. J &H love their kids and it is super fun to see them all running around together. With 9 kiddos running around 6 and under there was never a dull moment at Mark's parents house.

The Cousins from oldest to youngest.

Looking forward to a 2012 get-together with everyone. It is crazy fun chaos that I wouldn't trade for anything.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Happy New Year from the Hubbards!

New Year's Resolution # 1: To finish and Publish all the half written blog posts I have.