Wednesday, January 25, 2012


*Disclaimer - honesty lies ahead.

Deep breaths. Cups of coffee. Nah, who I am kidding...pots of coffee. Bites of my 2 year olds potty training candy throughout the day. Prayers for calm. Checking the clock to see if it is nap time/bed time. This is where I am finding myself...

Dealing with potty training, too much toddler energy, teething, a house that is never clean, constantly feeling overwhelmed and behind, sibling rivalry, feeling inadequate regarding how to parent my adopted daughter, frustrated wife not being as nice as I should to my husband and parenting partner.

Would like to do this...

Or maybe this...
an Adoptive Mom's Retreat.. A weekend with other moms discussing parenting put on by Created for Care.
"Created for Care is a non-profit ministry designed to encourage, equip and bring rest to adoptive families through yearly retreats." Sounds amazing.

For now I will just do this...
(Found this on etsy.)

and this...
be thankful for kisses and hugs from little people, the way my 8 month old flaps his arms up and down when he is excited, dance parties, funny toddler comments, the warm embrace of my husband and best friend, and my big warm comfortable bed.


  1. I think being a stay-at-home parent is the hardest job out there! Hang in there, I am sure you are much more amazing than you are giving yourself credit for!

  2. This too shall pass........ :) You have your hands FULL right now-- I understand, I promise. Our families have a lot of similarities-- but I'm coming from a couple years down the road-- WHEW!!! Really, in a year or two you're going to feel a lot of relief. It's still all hard, exhausting, etc.... but age and experience does help. And as far as the adopted daughter-- you'll be amazed at the conversations you'll have with her in the future!