Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy 9 Months

Pictures are from 1/21 - 2/21

I think any shot at monthly photos is gone. You are no longer a good sport about this.


Playing dress up with big sisters boa.

Reading books.

Helping me "clean" the floors on a day when the dogs weren't home.

Naked and loving it!

Little Smiley Pants.

~Love you Little Man~

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ski Bums

Jack and Hannah do not ski...yet. It is still up in the air if this is a sport in which they will participate. However, they like to pretend like they are skiing.

This is their version...

Boots on books all around the house.

Love their creative little minds and their cute little bums.

Monday, March 12, 2012


The youth program Mark and I help out with is plotting a GOODness epidemic this week. This is year 2 of the Epidemic and I am so excited about this week. The students in all 3 programs (elementary, middle school, and high school) are all participating as well as our church community, and others in Summit County. Really, anyone can participate. It is a great schedule for the week that is encouraging people to be intentional and plot GOODness. I have already heard rumors of lots of fun GOODness "missions." (painting a building for those in need, buying someone else's groceries/coffee/gas- etc., baking/delivering treats to neighbors/police department- etc., handing out Tacos to students at the high school, giving out quarters at the laundry mat)

We are hoping to plot several missions as a family and wanted to spread the too can infect others with GOODness. Here is the schedule in case you want to follow along.

Daily Missions:
Sort it SUNDAY - Clean out your closets...Pull out everything you can donate and lets give all the goods to others in need. (this was yesterday but you could do any day this week)
Freebie MONDAY - Give something for someone else that woul typically cost them money - walk a dog, bake & deliver something, shovel, or babysit.
Two TUESDAY - You are #2 all day...Think of others first by putting yourself second - hold the door, let others be first in line, take the back seat.
Hug o’ War WEDNESDAY - Hug it out...Just how many hugs can one person give in a single day? Go find out and see how truly contagious hugs can be!
Thank You THURSDAY - Show appreciatiobn...Find a way to let others know what they mean to tyou - draw a picture, write a card, make a phone call to say "Thank You."
Friend FRIDAY - Connect with someone new...Sit with a different crowd at lunch, strike up a conversation, invite another family over for dinner, hang out with a new friend.
Surprise SATURDAY - Perform a grand gesture for someone...this is the finale so don't hold back. Be sure to go over the top. Remember, actions speak louder than words.

Get busy plotting some GOODness...
So alert the masses...Infect as many as possible...Spread the GOODness Epidemic. And be sure to check out daily for inspiring ideas, stories, and reflections about GOODness.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mustache March

Did you know it is Mustache March?

I couldn't convince the hubs to sport a stache so I decided the big kids would have to step up.

Thank you Target for our Lorax goody bags that came with these awesome mustaches.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy 8 Months

Pictures are from 12/21-1/21

Things I love about you...Your smile. The way your hair sticks straight up and we think you look like baby Jack-Jack from "The Incredibles." The way you did the plank when learning to crawl - you could outlast any fit adult. When you first started moving you would only crawl backwards and get yourself stuck against the wall. The way we have all fallen so in love with you - you are awesome little Buddy!

Doing the plank.

Backed himself into the legs of the table.

And now he's stuck.

Love this face!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

G2 Time

Gi Gi and Grandpa were recently here for a quick visit. They came in for the weekend to do some loving on all of us - and it was GREAT! I asked J&H to tell Caleb about them before they arrived and Hannah informed him "(they) eat chocolate with me," and J said "They're gonna play trains with me, and they love you." Pretty true, all of it. We just spent time together and they got to watch the big kids play, dance, etc. and our littlest guy move himself all around wherever he wants to go. So thankful they were able to visit us!