Saturday, April 30, 2011


Celebrating Easter was a lot more fun this year than last year. Last year we were so tired from having gotten off a plane from Africa with our new daughter the day before that we barely remember it at all. This year we felt like we got to enjoy the service and we remember it - in addition to the kids being really into EGGS.

We went to the library and did an egg hunt the week of Easter. The day before Easter we went to a big Egg Hunt at the Rec Center, complete with blow up jump castles and lots of eggs to find. On the morning of Easter we did our own mini egg hunt. Mark and I decided to put one jelly bean in each egg and the candy was definitely a hit inside the eggs. Both kids had a hard time opening the eggs themselves (I am sure we won't have this problem next year). Our church service was really nice and we stayed for some yummy treats afterwards. In the afternoon we were thankful to celebrate with some close friends and enjoyed some brisket and other homemade goodies.

enjoying jelly beans

An Easter HUG.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Birthday to ya

"Birthday to ya, birthday to ya..." this is J's version of the Happy Birthday song. This week we celebrated Mark's birthday which is the beginning of the 5 month birthday celebration we will now have in the Hubbard house. Mark is April, Jack is May, Baby boy will be June, Hannah is July, and I am August.

Last year we had Hannah's blood drawn in Denver on his birthday, so this year had to have been a better day for him. When he came home from work we had homemade pizza for dinner, opened some presents and cards, and then topped off the evening with a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake.

The kids are really liking the birthday thing and all the things that come with it...balloons, singing, cake, presents. Good thing we have 4 more to go!

All he wanted was a kindle. Hope you enjoy!
Love you Mark!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Family Time

One thing that is really difficult for me about living in Colorado is that we are so far from our families. I appreciate the time we get to spend with Mark's family (parents, sisters/spouses, cousins, etc) as well as the time we have my family when we make visits. I was especially thankful this trip as there was almost one whole day where we were together the entire time. My mom and I started the day early with some garage sale-ing where I picked up this super cute monkey costume for H. Then my parents and I loaded up the car with the kids and drove to the zoo where we met Uncle Jacob and Aunt Amie.

Amie and Jacob

Grandpa and Jack

GiGi and Hannah

Hannah enjoying the woodchips - notice they are in her hair

Jack at the petting zoo.

Warm weather, trains to look at, animals to see, the playground (truly the biggest hit), and time together at the zoo made for a fun and exhausting day. Later that night after some well-earned naps we celebrated my brother's birthday with some yummy burgers and ice cream cake!

It was lots of fun and much needed to have time with my family on this trip. Love you guys! Can't wait to see you again when you come visit this summer!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Airplanes and warm weather

Flying while pregnant with two almost 2 year olds sounds fun right? Thankfully, on the way to vistit my parents, my Dad and a coworker were in Denver for some meetings and scheduled their return flight to coincide with ours. This made our trip to Oklahoma so much more fun and so much easier for me. It was great to see Grandpa in the airport. And the motorcycle too.

When we arrived to OK there was a welcoming crew...GiGi, Aunt Amie, and Uncle Jacob all came out to say hello! The first day we were there Jack was a little upset when he couldn't pull his shorts down - the kid isn't used to wearing anything but long pants. We had to explain that shorts show your legs and you wear them in warm weather.

Speaking of warm weather we took full advantage of it all week. J got a haircut outside...

we played with chalk...

...we blew bubbles, raced around the backyard, got pushed in the swing, explored, went for walks, went to the park...

It was Awesome!!

Monday, April 11, 2011


I have been dreaming about warm weather and a visit with my parents all winter/spring and it is finally here. I have been in Oklahoma since last Tuesday evening enjoying some family time, time with friends, and lots of outdoor fun!! We return home tomorrow night and are wrapping up our time here. When I am away though, I have dreams of this man! I am a lucky woman to married to this guy...he is a thoughtful dad and husband - we all miss him and can't wait to see him tomorrow night.

(Pic of our big ice cream sundae last Monday on date night)