Saturday, April 30, 2011


Celebrating Easter was a lot more fun this year than last year. Last year we were so tired from having gotten off a plane from Africa with our new daughter the day before that we barely remember it at all. This year we felt like we got to enjoy the service and we remember it - in addition to the kids being really into EGGS.

We went to the library and did an egg hunt the week of Easter. The day before Easter we went to a big Egg Hunt at the Rec Center, complete with blow up jump castles and lots of eggs to find. On the morning of Easter we did our own mini egg hunt. Mark and I decided to put one jelly bean in each egg and the candy was definitely a hit inside the eggs. Both kids had a hard time opening the eggs themselves (I am sure we won't have this problem next year). Our church service was really nice and we stayed for some yummy treats afterwards. In the afternoon we were thankful to celebrate with some close friends and enjoyed some brisket and other homemade goodies.

enjoying jelly beans

An Easter HUG.