Friday, April 15, 2011

Airplanes and warm weather

Flying while pregnant with two almost 2 year olds sounds fun right? Thankfully, on the way to vistit my parents, my Dad and a coworker were in Denver for some meetings and scheduled their return flight to coincide with ours. This made our trip to Oklahoma so much more fun and so much easier for me. It was great to see Grandpa in the airport. And the motorcycle too.

When we arrived to OK there was a welcoming crew...GiGi, Aunt Amie, and Uncle Jacob all came out to say hello! The first day we were there Jack was a little upset when he couldn't pull his shorts down - the kid isn't used to wearing anything but long pants. We had to explain that shorts show your legs and you wear them in warm weather.

Speaking of warm weather we took full advantage of it all week. J got a haircut outside...

we played with chalk...

...we blew bubbles, raced around the backyard, got pushed in the swing, explored, went for walks, went to the park...

It was Awesome!!


  1. looks like they had a great time! i love the one of hannah and your mom -- so sweet!


  2. so fun to follow the blog......thank you for being so deligent!!!!