Thursday, July 28, 2011

Almost 10 weeks

Little guy had an appointment today. He weighed in at 8 lbs, 14 oz. Dr. said everything looks great. We are checking on his herniated belly button and keeping an eye on it. Caleb will stay on reflux medicne for now and we will check back in a few more weeks. He also started probiotics yesterday in addition to adding more feedings via bottle in an attempt to reduce the spitting up and fussiness.
Also, He got shots today and is not very happy about it. He has been very sensitive to the touch and very least he is consolable. Running a low grade fever and showing me that little pouty face of his.
He is hanging in there!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

An old/new friend

Our Family and Asher, Nicole, and Ian

We recently had the opportunity to meet up with Asher, a little guy who was in Hannah's orphanage. His parents were in town and we met up with them along with our good friends Tim and Sally. Tim and Sally are our friends who accompanied us to Ethiopia when we traveled to pick up Hannah - they are actually in Ethiopia now and just passed court for the young man Samuel who they met while on the first trip. He is legally now their son and they are just awaiting an embassy date, passport, etc. before they can bring him home.

So, we all met up at Tim and Sally's house and had a lovely time time talking and watching the little ones all play together. I remember meeting Asher while we were over there and had the privledge of holding him for a few minutes, praying for him, and telling him that his Mama was coming just as soon as she could get over there. Over the last 15 months since I have seen him he has turned into a smiley, talkative little boy. He is so cute and has such a great smile! We hope to be able to meet up again sometime.

Jack and Asher being boys, playing with rocks.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happy 2 Months

Happy 2 months! This last month we said goodbye to the oxygen, Hooray!

You are growing and getting stronger each day. Your neck muscles are really coming along and you are trying to hold that little head up of yours. Lights are still a big fascination and your eyes are drawn to windows, tv's, and lights in whatever room you are in. When you are not looking beyond us at something fascinating you occasionally make eye contact and will briefly hold a gaze...your Dad and I really like this. AND, we especially like the little smiles we have just started seeing come from your cute little mouth. My favorite part about your smile is how the right side of your mouth curves up higher than the left side - it is so cute! When you are sad you also have the cutest, most perfect pouty face I have ever seen.

This month we visited the doctor and put you on some medicne for acid reflux. You seem to be uncomfortable a lot of the time and we are working on trying to help you feel better. You also spit up a lot but we can deal with that,we just want you to feel well. This last month you have started to enjoy the swing - you have also been spending a little time on the play mat. You love to roll over and almost always roll to avoid tummy time. We spend lots of time outside with your brother and sister, so you are pretty flexible about spending time in the car seat and the ergo carrier. You are sleeping pretty well at night and I am just getting up just once each night - you are starting to go a little longer between feedings. Your preference is to be swaddled and you sleep each night all bundled up in your hammock.

Your big brother and sister continue to find new ways to try and help out with you. They both have started talking to you and telling you about their day. You are showered with kisses from all of us and you are sooooo loved! We love you so much Caleb and are so glad you are in our family!

Saturday, July 23, 2011


J says "excuse me" all the time regarding bodily functions as I have previously mentioned. Today he was wiggling his nose with his fingers and looked at me and said "excuse me." When I asked him why he said excuse me - he said "gas in my nose, mommy."

This afternoon he kept saying "Stop Goofing around, guys." Mark asked him who he heard that from and he said "Mickey Mouse."

Tonight, I asked Jack if he missed me today. (I was gone for several hours at a friends bridal shower.) I asked him if he knew where I had been and he told me the grocery store. Sad but true that I don't get out much these days and this is where I go most often.

Little H is not far behind with the words and sentences...can't wait to see what she comes up with.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Vistors galore

After Mark's parents left we had about 5 days before we were blessed with more visitors. A friend of mine from Bible College stopped by with her husband for a night---so Fun to reconnect and share time together. The kids had so much fun with them and continued talking about them long after they left.

(Thanks Naomi and Devin for stopping by)

The next day my parents came back for a long weekend along with my brother and his wife. We had a full and happy house from Friday to Tuesday. We shared meals, went to the donut shop (a must when we have company), rode the gondola, played at the park, attended the 4th of July parade, and celebrated H's birthday. It was so fun to have my family here, something that has happened since our wedding 5 years ago.

We took a trip up the gondola, here we are at the base of peak 8.

GiGi and Jack

Gigi and Caleb

Grandpa and Jack swinging at the park.

Uncle Jacob and Hannah

Aunt Amie and Caleb

Grandpa and Caleb.

On Tuesday (5th) everyone left except my brother who got to stay till the end of the week - he left Saturday morning. Then, SURPRISE!! My mom came back from Sunday (10th) till Tuesday(12th). My dad had a business trip in Denver and so she came along for another quick visit. No complaints from us.

Now, we are on our own. Aside from enjoying our visitors it has been such a blessing to have the extra help. Three children two and under is quite exhausting and non-stop busyness.

A big "thank you" and "come back again soon," to all our visitors.

Monday, July 18, 2011


Big brother asks all day long "hold him? Hold Caleb?" He usually only holds little brother for about 5 seconds before informing me "I'm all done." This was a rare occasion where he held him for several minutes. So sweet to watch. Hoping they share a special bond as they grow older.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

James Update

Sweet little James passed away this afternoon. I am thanking God for his sweet little life and the great impact he was able to have on so many people. Praying for his family that is left behind missing him.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pray for James

Something that has been on my mind is a little baby boy named James and his mom and dad. James was diagnosed with cancer on June 23, 2011 and they have been in and out of the hospital fighting the agressive brain tumor. After prayerful consideration his parents decided to take him home where he can be comfortable and in his own house. You can read about James and his story through the blog his parents started. I have been so encouraged by them, their words, and the grace with which they are handling all of the hard things coming their way.

I absolutely can not imagine what it must be like and it is just something that seems so heart-wrenching and unfair. Please say a prayer for Kara, Matt, and their sweet baby boy James.

Below is a beautiful video by fotolanthropy of this family. "Founded in 2011, Fotolanthropy is an organization that captures stories by photography and film of individuals and families facing trials so memories are preserved for a lifetime." (fotolanthropy website.)

James Sikes from Lynn Films on Vimeo.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Trail Running

This last Sunday I was in Denver with my mom and Caleb running some errands. I got this cute little video mid-day and it made me smile. It is so fun for me to see the things that Mark does with our kids - I can guarantee this isn't something I would have thought of to do with them.
Baking, probably...trail running will have to be with their Dad.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Train Time

When Nana and Papa were visiting they took H&J to Georgetown to ride the Georgetown Loop Railroad. I wasn't there but heard they had a great time. If it is any indication of how much fun they had they still tell me about it...ALL the time.

A few more fun pics from their visit.

Eating Cotton Candy at the Frisco BBQ.

Nana with the kids.

Papa with the kids.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Proud Mama Moments

My hope is to raise children who are polite and kind to one another and to others. We have been working on manners for quite some time and it cracks me up when I hear them saying some of these things. They say "bless you," whenever anyone sneezes, they say "excuse me" when they need to get by and also when they pass some kind of bodily function, and of course the "please" and "thank you's" are readily heard as well.

I laugh when I hear them say "bless you," to the dogs when they sneeze.
I recently was burping Caleb after he ate and heard Jack say "excuse me Caleb," when Caleb burped.
Jack to Hannah when wanting her to move out of his way "excuse me Hannah."
The kids to Macy our dog, "Macy stop barking please, RIGHT now."
Overheard at the dinner table..."excuse me. I burping again."

I am pleased that they are learning these things and only hope that they use their polite little manners around other people too.

One other proud Mama moment was this last Sunday when I peeked out the window during church to see the kids playing outside. Jack walked up to Hannah and handed her a flower. Made my heart turn to mush.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


It is finally starting to feel like summer around here. We recently had a warm day where we let the kids play outside in the water. The water that comes from the hose is way tooooo cold so we had to try and warm up their pools just a bit with some hot water from inside the house. They had a blast splashing, jumping, pouring water, and running through the sprinkler with Dad.