Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pray for James

Something that has been on my mind is a little baby boy named James and his mom and dad. James was diagnosed with cancer on June 23, 2011 and they have been in and out of the hospital fighting the agressive brain tumor. After prayerful consideration his parents decided to take him home where he can be comfortable and in his own house. You can read about James and his story through the blog his parents started. I have been so encouraged by them, their words, and the grace with which they are handling all of the hard things coming their way.

I absolutely can not imagine what it must be like and it is just something that seems so heart-wrenching and unfair. Please say a prayer for Kara, Matt, and their sweet baby boy James.

Below is a beautiful video by fotolanthropy of this family. "Founded in 2011, Fotolanthropy is an organization that captures stories by photography and film of individuals and families facing trials so memories are preserved for a lifetime." (fotolanthropy website.)

James Sikes from Lynn Films on Vimeo.

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