Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Proud Mama Moments

My hope is to raise children who are polite and kind to one another and to others. We have been working on manners for quite some time and it cracks me up when I hear them saying some of these things. They say "bless you," whenever anyone sneezes, they say "excuse me" when they need to get by and also when they pass some kind of bodily function, and of course the "please" and "thank you's" are readily heard as well.

I laugh when I hear them say "bless you," to the dogs when they sneeze.
I recently was burping Caleb after he ate and heard Jack say "excuse me Caleb," when Caleb burped.
Jack to Hannah when wanting her to move out of his way "excuse me Hannah."
The kids to Macy our dog, "Macy stop barking please, RIGHT now."
Overheard at the dinner table..."excuse me. I burping again."

I am pleased that they are learning these things and only hope that they use their polite little manners around other people too.

One other proud Mama moment was this last Sunday when I peeked out the window during church to see the kids playing outside. Jack walked up to Hannah and handed her a flower. Made my heart turn to mush.


  1. all I can say. What sweet kiddos you have. Kudos to you and Mark for teaching them to act politely. There are way too many parents that do not teach manners anymore.

  2. just made my heart turn to mush too!