Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happy 2 Months

Happy 2 months! This last month we said goodbye to the oxygen, Hooray!

You are growing and getting stronger each day. Your neck muscles are really coming along and you are trying to hold that little head up of yours. Lights are still a big fascination and your eyes are drawn to windows, tv's, and lights in whatever room you are in. When you are not looking beyond us at something fascinating you occasionally make eye contact and will briefly hold a gaze...your Dad and I really like this. AND, we especially like the little smiles we have just started seeing come from your cute little mouth. My favorite part about your smile is how the right side of your mouth curves up higher than the left side - it is so cute! When you are sad you also have the cutest, most perfect pouty face I have ever seen.

This month we visited the doctor and put you on some medicne for acid reflux. You seem to be uncomfortable a lot of the time and we are working on trying to help you feel better. You also spit up a lot but we can deal with that,we just want you to feel well. This last month you have started to enjoy the swing - you have also been spending a little time on the play mat. You love to roll over and almost always roll to avoid tummy time. We spend lots of time outside with your brother and sister, so you are pretty flexible about spending time in the car seat and the ergo carrier. You are sleeping pretty well at night and I am just getting up just once each night - you are starting to go a little longer between feedings. Your preference is to be swaddled and you sleep each night all bundled up in your hammock.

Your big brother and sister continue to find new ways to try and help out with you. They both have started talking to you and telling you about their day. You are showered with kisses from all of us and you are sooooo loved! We love you so much Caleb and are so glad you are in our family!


  1. Great post and photos as always, Megan! Caleb really looks like Mark to me in these photos. I miss you guys xoxoxox

  2. Thanks Becky! He is such a beautiful gift to our family...thanking God for him! Miss you too B!

  3. Gosh he is beautiful!! PS: Try probiotics?

  4. I love this!!! Caleb is a doll. Grayson likes to have his little hands in his face like one of the pics you posted. I'm interested in knowing more about the acid reflux... I"m starting to wonder if G has a bit of this!!! Your family is beautiful!