Wednesday, July 27, 2011

An old/new friend

Our Family and Asher, Nicole, and Ian

We recently had the opportunity to meet up with Asher, a little guy who was in Hannah's orphanage. His parents were in town and we met up with them along with our good friends Tim and Sally. Tim and Sally are our friends who accompanied us to Ethiopia when we traveled to pick up Hannah - they are actually in Ethiopia now and just passed court for the young man Samuel who they met while on the first trip. He is legally now their son and they are just awaiting an embassy date, passport, etc. before they can bring him home.

So, we all met up at Tim and Sally's house and had a lovely time time talking and watching the little ones all play together. I remember meeting Asher while we were over there and had the privledge of holding him for a few minutes, praying for him, and telling him that his Mama was coming just as soon as she could get over there. Over the last 15 months since I have seen him he has turned into a smiley, talkative little boy. He is so cute and has such a great smile! We hope to be able to meet up again sometime.

Jack and Asher being boys, playing with rocks.


  1. how wonderful you guys met up! Asher was a cutie then and is a cutie now!

  2. i love that you all did this! so special! love the pictures! xoxoxo

  3. :) heartwarming! And man, he's a cute lil' guy!