Friday, April 22, 2011

Birthday to ya

"Birthday to ya, birthday to ya..." this is J's version of the Happy Birthday song. This week we celebrated Mark's birthday which is the beginning of the 5 month birthday celebration we will now have in the Hubbard house. Mark is April, Jack is May, Baby boy will be June, Hannah is July, and I am August.

Last year we had Hannah's blood drawn in Denver on his birthday, so this year had to have been a better day for him. When he came home from work we had homemade pizza for dinner, opened some presents and cards, and then topped off the evening with a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake.

The kids are really liking the birthday thing and all the things that come with it...balloons, singing, cake, presents. Good thing we have 4 more to go!

All he wanted was a kindle. Hope you enjoy!
Love you Mark!


  1. ohhh i want a kindle!! and an mint chocolate chip ice cream cake!!! Happy Birthday to Mark! I am glad you all go to celebrate at home :) xoxo

  2. Happy Bertday Mark!!

    The kids look terrific, and getting BIG!!! I hope you are feeling well!