Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy 8 Months

Pictures are from 12/21-1/21

Things I love about you...Your smile. The way your hair sticks straight up and we think you look like baby Jack-Jack from "The Incredibles." The way you did the plank when learning to crawl - you could outlast any fit adult. When you first started moving you would only crawl backwards and get yourself stuck against the wall. The way we have all fallen so in love with you - you are awesome little Buddy!

Doing the plank.

Backed himself into the legs of the table.

And now he's stuck.

Love this face!


  1. What a sweetheart!! I love the baby plank. ;)

  2. Happy 8 months Caleb!!! I love all the pictures. He is such a beautiful and handsome little one. And he is getting so BIG! I cannot wait to see you two in May!