Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Older Man

For four months out of the year I am married to an older man. Yes, indeed, my lovely husband had a birthday and turned the big 30 this last Monday! I can't say the day was exceptionally exciting or life changing for him but we did our best to celebrate Mark on his big day. He ate breakfast with Jack and then went to work. His co-workers took him out to Lunch to celebrate and then the kids and I picked him up around 3 pm to head down to Denver. What exciting adventure did we have there???!!!

Well...we toured some hospitals downtown and got shuffled to several different buildings, each time being told we were in the wrong place. We finally made some calls and were directed to Children's Hospital who made some more calls to our Dr's office. It was sometime after 6 pm before we finally got little H's blood drawn and headed back to the car for a drive back up to the mountains. The kids were fed dinner in the car and we did a quick drive through at Good Times for burgers. (At least we were all together)

On Tuesday night, the kids got to give Dad their card and gift - a picture frame of special family photos for Dad's office.

(H and J helping Dad open his present)

Mark, Happy Birthday! YOU are Loved!

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