Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Owl Pops

I am a big fan of Bakerella, if you don't know who she is check out her blog. I recently bought her book and picked out the special little cake pops I wanted to try first from her book. The owls. I waited till I had an event to attend so that I could make them for someone other than us.

The verdict...they turned out "okay." These take a LOT of time. There are a lot of steps and aside from the first step of just baking the cake, I did all the rest of the steps without taking a break. Big mistake for me...I didn't finish until midnight and I was tired and I think the cake pops turned out sloppy. Next time, I will make sure I break them up into steps over a longer period of time. I learned a lot though and overall thought they turned out pretty well.

Now go make your own!


  1. So cute, Megsie! I have had that "it took me until midnight..." thing happen countless times with baking. And just like you I seem to come away with feeling like I learned a lot in the process. But the exhaustion afterward is more than I bargained for! :) This little owl is adorable and I bet he is delish too!

  2. i thought they were delish AND cute! nice work!!