Thursday, June 28, 2012

Waiting for the Bus

Waiting for the Bus.
I love free and fun transportation. 

Isn't she too young for this?
I am telling you this girl can get into every cabinet, drawer, etc.  
She is resourceful using stools, chairs, or just plain old climbing. 
 She is an opportunist...this usually happens while I am changing a diaper, using the restroom, etc.
Lately she has tried her hand at polishing her own nails, putting on lipstick and mascara.  
I won't even go into all of the non-cosmetic items she gets into.

But I will say that it is hard to stay mad at a face as cute as this one. 


  1. cute pics! is caleb walking now?! He must be from looking at this pic. :) xo

  2. Those are really nice pictures Megan and your little curiosity girl is almost 3!