Sunday, July 29, 2012


I am way behind on posting things that I would like on here.  It is time to acknowledge my children's birthdays who were in May and July.  Before August I must blog about them.  One of my favorite parts  about celebrating with them is getting to make and bake their birthday cakes.

Jack had a Thomas the Train Birthday. 

Caleb had a Monkey birthday. We celebrated his birthday while on vacation so I opted for cupcakes.  I bought half chocolate from the grocery store and half yummy carrot cake from a local bakery.  Notice that a couple of the cupcakes in the front row were tampered with.  I had hid the cupcakes in the laundry room before the party for safe keeping and later found my daughter in there with the door closed helping herself to a pre-party treat.  She keeps it exciting!

Hannah had a Rainbow party.

Love making cakes and even more love making them for my kiddos.  

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