Saturday, October 13, 2012

Christmas Party

Two weekends ago, my husbands company had their annual staff Christmas party in September. Their are two offices: one in the mountains and one in Denver. Because of weather reasons and the amount of people who have missed the party the last several years due to blizzard like conditions and road closures it was decided to move the party to September.

This year is the 20th year the company has been around and also the year that one of the original owners is retiring.  Instead of our usual dinner we had a whole weekend of celebrating.  Mark and I attended without our children thanks to the generosity of a gracious friend.  We began by horseback riding in Wolcott, CO.

 Mark on his horse "Tony"

Me on my horse "Digger" - he didn't really like me.  

Sally, Mark, and I. 

After this we all drove to Beaver Creek where we had a beautiful view of all the changing aspens.  We washed off the horse stink and gathered to celebrate each of the employees that were in attendance.  One of the reasons that Mark and I have stayed in cold, snowy, Breckenridge is because we love the people he works for.  The owner of the company and his wife traveled with us to Ethiopia when we adopted our daughter and they have set a really great feel for the workplace that makes work more enjoyable.  I am thankful for my husbands job.

Also thankful to have spent a beautiful weekend with my husband!

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