Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Melkam Genna!

This year we celebrated Ethiopian Christmas.  It is celebrated on January 7th each year.

There is an Ethiopian church in Denver that graciously offered to host Genna for ET adoptive families.  When we received the invitation we knew we had to go!

It was good for so many reasons.  We want to expose our family/daughter to Ethiopian culture.  We want Hannah to see and know other Ethiopians.  This was perfect timing because she likes to ask "will there be anyone who is brown and has curly hair like me?"  when we go to new places.  She has become interested in her skin color and notices that she has curly hair.

H says she is "brown" and calls myself and her dad "shiny."
Her brother says Hannah is "brown" and he is "gold."

Watching the coffee ceremony

Aside from seeing lots of beautiful Ethiopian children all gathered in one place we met other adoptive families, talked to some of the hosts, drank delicious coffee, and stuffed ourselves full of Ethiopian food.  A good time was had by all and I already look forward to celebrating again next year!

 At least one of my children likes coffee!

Jack, Sami (someone who knew hannah when she was in Ethiopia), and Hannah


  1. My daughter, who's Guatemalan, was commenting on her skin color when she was two. Not long afterward, Crayola came out with multicultural skin tone crayons and markers - eight different colors! I bought a box for each of her classmates when she was in second grade - a lesson in a box! I just checked and they're still selling them.

  2. Oh wow! I have never heard of a box of crayons like that. Thanks for sharing, I will definitely check it out!