Saturday, June 29, 2013

He is Too!

This sweet boy had a birthday last month and now he is TWO!  

He is also "too"...

"i'm hungry too"
"need a bandaid too"
"go bathroom too"

Just pick something - he idolizes big brother and sister wanting to be just like them.
Needless to say his birthday stemmed from big brothers love of spiderman and big sisters love of My Little Pony.  He was insistent upon having a Spiderman/My pony birthday.

We had a fun relaxing morning at home with breakfast donuts and balloons.
Then headed to Georgetown to ride the Loop Railroad. 

When we asked Caleb what he wanted for his birthday dinner he told us Candy.  We asked what else he said "M&M"s. Then he said Lollipops. So we decided to give the kid corn dogs for dinner. 
(Yuck and Don't judge me)
His whole meal was served on sticks/toothpicks like lollipops.  

We had a fun time celebrating our big boy 2 year old!  He loved opening cards and presents!  He even got a My Little Pony castle and Loads of My little ponies. He also got a fierce dragon that eats the ponies!
Dad and C wearing his new SUPERHERO cape!

The Cake...

Checking out the cake...

Love this kid...

As he would say - 
We love him "So, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so...BIG!"


  1. i could stare at that top pic of C forever, he is just such a beautiful boy! I love everything about that birthday cake. Your attention to detail and creativity amaze me. My mom always made our birthday cakes and decorated them. It's a special memory for all of us as we look back on our childhood. I enjoyed all the photos thanks for sharing! xo

  2. That is the cutest thing! I love the Spiderman riding on the My Little Pony.