Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Beach Time

Earlier this summer we had our annual beach trip with my Dad's family.  It is the greatest trip and we look forward to beach time and relaxing all winter long.  Somehow the notion that the trip is coming makes our long winter a bit more palatable.

Lots of pictures to tell our story of our beach time. 

 The three musketeers.

My son,  my dad, and my grandma.  

 Memorial Day Donut Eating. 

 Little Man Jack was so tired he slept on Uncle Jacob though dinner time.

 Flying Kites.

 Sea shell hunting.

 Ice Cream Eating. 

 The pier with Dad. 
Grandpa and C. 

 Mom and I. 

 My brother and I. 


 Hubs and I. 

My Dad with his mom and sister.

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