Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cupcake Wars

Have you seen Cupcake Wars? It is a show on the Food Network where contestants compete in a cupcake competition resulting in the winner having their cupcake featured on display and winning a cash prize. This show was part of my inspiration to have a Cupcake war among friends. I also remember my mother in law telling me about a cupcake party she had and I wished I could have attended.

So some girlfriends and I had a cupcake war night. We watched the show, had a cupcake exchange, and got the opportunity to sample various types of cupcakes that people brought. YUMMY!

*hostess cupcakes *angel food w/strawberries *chocolate chunk w/mango *snickerdoodle *strawberry lemonade * whiskey and beer *coconut with buttercream

I made the whiskey and beer cupcakes. I got the idea from the wife of a friend of mine - I really have only met Anna once but I have a feeling we would get along really well. Here you can find the original recipe. Let me just say I wasn't sure about these cupcakes. In theory I liked the idea but wasn't sure if the flavors would be too strong or if they would withstand the challenge of baking at 9800 ft. I loved them. There is guiness beer in the cake batter, a chocolate whiskey filling, and a Bailey's frosting. You should definitely try them.


  1. Love that show. Great idea for a get together-I may have to copy you.

  2. Yaaaaay!!!! They turned out so pretty!! Aren't they delish?! I want to have a cupcake wars party... you are so inspiring :)

  3. What a fun idea! :) And your cupcakes sound to die for! Bailey's frosting? Yes, please!