Sunday, September 19, 2010

Just Because...

Just because, I think she is cute.
(One of her hair bands is falling out,
but her hair is long enough for some pig tails)

Jack has decided he likes limes.

Believe it or not, he really does like them.
Kept making the face and going back for more.


  1. Wow she is beautiful and looks all grown up. He is precious as well. My kiddos like the sour stuff too

  2. Your girl is absolutely adorable, so is your boy his sour face is so cute.

  3. Great pictures from NY. All the cousins are adorable. I noticed Mark's dad is wearing a Kenya hat -- did he go on a trip there? I am super in love with Hannah's pony tails!! Sooo presh :) AND Jack's lime face made me laugh out loud! xo