Friday, December 24, 2010

A few of my favorite things...

This year during the Christmas season, a few of my Favorite things...

~being together as a family

~our crooked Christmas tree that is now only decorated on top. Yes, it has been pulled over AGAIN. Don't ask how many times.

~"Ho, Ho"s . Not the snack cake but what my kids think Santa says.

~Our Christmas lights on the front of our house. Mark & I's 5th Christmas together as a married couple and the first year we have had lights.

~"Jesus." Yes, I am thankful for Jesus and the gift that he is to us. But also that my kids know who he is. And I think it is slightly humorous that they fight over him while playing with their little people Nativity.

~Stickers. A new favorite part of our bed time routine is the advent calendar and the stickers we put on each night.

~"Snowman" "Santa" "Tree" "Pretty" (in relation to anything that lights up and sparkles)
Just a few of the words that I hear all day long.

Despite all the sickness we have had in our house
I can't put any Christmas presents under the tree
I haven't made any of my normal Holiday goodies to give to friends
we never got around to a Christmas card...

So I will embrace Christmas and its meaning and cherish all of my favorite things so far about the 2010 Holidays!

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  1. This is such a lovely post Megan. You will cherish the memory of these "favorite things" for many years to come...