Wednesday, December 8, 2010

O Christmas Tree

We put up our tree and had to wait awhile before we could decorate it due to all of us not feeling well. But, we finally found a day where we could all participate in the ornament hanging. Everybody helped and it was a lot of fun. The top part of the tree has breakables and the bottom part is sparsely filled with un-breakables since I can't seem to keep their curious little hands from touching the oh so desirable ornaments. There are also a few that just never made it on to the tree and were confiscated by my darlings as new toys - "oh well."

We only had one mishap (ahem, Jack).

But we fixed it (sort of) and the tree will go on twinkling and sitting a bit crooked until Christmas.

Here is me posing while the kids take pictures. I guess they were sick of being in them and wanted to take some too, Dad held the camera while they pushed the button.

Finishing the decorating with a cheers of eggnog.


  1. Looks like fun- love the eggnog toast. Did they like it?

  2. Love the pictures. The eggnog toast is too cute! :) Oh, and your hair looks adorable, Megan!

  3. Fun memories I am sure you will always treasure! Your first Christmas together as a family! I can hear Jack saying, "Cheers"! :)