Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas in the Airport

This year we spent most of Christmas Day in the airport. We decided to fly to New York on the 25th and return on January 1st...two lighter travel days compared to some of the surrounding days. It was not our favorite experience, that is flying on Christmas... BUT, we loved getting to spend time with all our family in NY at the Holidays.

On Christmas night we were able to stop in and see Mark's extended family: grandma, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. The rest of the week was spent with Mark's parents, sisters and their husbands, and our nieces and nephews. 7 children 6 and under, so it was exciting. Our kids got to play with all their cousins, explore Papa's train under the Christmas tree, we had Christmas all together on Dec. 30th, and a big family get together on the 31st. Mark's parents even watched the kids on New Year's eve night and we went out with Mark's sisters and spouses...what a treat!

Playing with the train.

Wearing the smock that Nana made for her.

Opening some presents.

We are so blessed to have great families and love the opportunity to spend time with them all.

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  1. great pics as always! i'm glad you got to be with all the Hubbards for Christmas. :)