Sunday, August 7, 2011

A long awaited arrival

We had all different kinds of salads. Perfect summer fare.

The cute fruit basket our friend Hannah made.

My dear friend Tanya and her husband David have been awaiting the arrival of their son Daniel from Korea for a long time. They started the process in early 2010 and got a referral for their little boy in October 2010. They were figuring he would most likely be here by the end of the summer so we decided on a July shower. However, the week of the shower she learned he would be arriving just 4 days after his baby shower...perfect timing!! We had so much fun celebrating with Tanya and sharing in some of the last minute gift-giving for sweet Daniel!

My hot new Mama friend, Tanya.

New Aunt KristyLee, Jen, Hannah, New Mama T, and Me.

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