Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Up in the Air

Jack, Hannah, Caleb and I met Grandpa at the airport last week and we flew together to Oklahoma. I could not have successfully flown on my own and really appreciated the timing of my dad's business trip. While walking through security C managed to spit up down both sides of my shirt and all down my skirt effectively soaking me. When our bag finally came out of the X-ray machine we were of course then forced to wait for the TSA agent to search my bag. I stood there drenched in curdled milk while being denied access to a burp cloth, blanket, etc...gross. Don't worry, we had nothing dangerous, just baby wipes. Are you kidding me?!

We finally made it to the gate with all three children all the while seemingly being the most interesting spectacle to our fellow airport passengers. I must say my children were very well behaved, but there are still three of them two and under and uniquely so we do attract attention. At the gate we were the highlight for a group of Asian Foreign exchange students who repeatedly snapped pictures of my kids with their cameras. On the plane Grandpa sat with the big kids and I handled the little guy. My birthday wish came true (it really was my birthday) as everyone behaved and we had a great flight. Greetings abounded at the end of the flight from GiGi and Uncle Jacob as we arrived safely at our destination.

Since then we have been enjoying some good old fashioned summer heat, some swimming, family time, etc.

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