Thursday, September 8, 2011

We're back

We are home and reconnected to the internet (which we didn't have the first 2 days we were home). Our trip to Tulsa was great and we are now just readjusting and trying to get back on some normal sleeping schedules.

Tonight we entered a photo contest. The theme is "Need a Vacation?" Submissions are supposed to show your most "stressed out state of mind." It is hard to adequately convey these emotions in a photograph. Here is our submission. The grand prize is a 7 night cruise for two. Ahhh, wouldn't that be nice?!


  1. LOVE the photo! a sure win, i think!

    thanks again for dinner last night...


  2. this is awesome!!!!!! you are totally deserving of that prize! I just read through the last couple months on here and realized i had missed several of your posts. I'm glad i got caught up but bummed that it took me so long. i found a house to rent and i'm moving this weekend. i will send you some pics soon :) love n hugs!

  3. Oh my! Yes, you SO win. You're an amazing woman!

  4. That pic is fabulous. I love it!!! You should totally win!!! Mom of the year right there.