Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy 4 Months

(* DISCLAIMER: Bad blogging Mama...things have gotten a little out of control. We have had several rounds of colds, stomach bugs, and a special visit Mark's sister. But I am reclaiming the blog and will be blogging again.)

My dearest Caleb, since I did not write this post when I should have I will refrain on commenting much about your development and save it for your 5 month post in less than 2 weeks. However, the pictures are all accurate. Know that we love you so much and you continue to amaze us with how much you have captured all our hearts. What a sweet little boy you are.

This month you had your first airplane ride to Oklahoma. You did fantastic, what a champ! While we were at your grandparents house, we got to take you swimming, which you really liked.

You got to meet your Great Aunt Connie...she sure does love you!

Your brother and sister absolutely adore you. What a lucky boy you are to have two amazing older siblings who shower you with attention.

Oklahoma boy at heart!

We love you little guy!

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  1. That last picture in the hat is PRICELESS! What a sweet looking guy.