Sunday, February 26, 2012

Spicy Living

"What is this?" you might ask when you see this picture. This is the question I myself thought for a split second before I smelled it. Cayenne Pepper. I let my children help me cook/bake, etc...well someone swiped it from the counter while I was doing the dishes. It was a full jar, less the little bit I used to flavor the hummus I was making.

This is messy stuff y'all. It was relatively easy to clean off the table. Also easy to vacuum up off the carpet. Harder to get the burning sensation off of a 2 year olds tongue - because, of course they licked it. It was also all over H's shirt and when I took off her sweatshirt it got in her eyes. We washed hands, mouths, eyes, etc. I even caught them drinking out of the faucet. Thank goodness the baby was sleeping during this whole charade.

Ahhhhh, keeping it real at the Hubbard house and always trying to add some spice...just not always the way I would prefer.


  1. Oh my, of all the things you'd think of cleaning off the carpet!

  2. Wow, well I am always amazed with how well you deal with things like this when they come up. Your kiddos are blessed to have your love and care :) I am glad you liked the hummus!!! I want to make some tomorrow for my tot. He likes olive hummus but I cannot find a good recipe for that yet. I will have to keep looking I guess. I'm so glad we got to catch up the other day---it blessed my socks off!!! xoxoxo