Wednesday, February 8, 2012

You Drank What?!

Believe it or not, my sweet polite children cause their fair share of trouble. I recently was attempting to put all 3 down for naps at the same time in hopes of a few coveted minutes alone to recharge myself. C was down and I was working on herding the big two towards their room. Hannah came up to me shaking something and telling me something about Jack. As I saw what it was my heart began to pound a million beats a minute. It was an empty children's tylenol bottle.

Frantic questions from me trying to get to the bottom of the story were not successful. Really, what kind of straight story am I going to get from two year olds? I heard things like "just Jack," "he poured it on the floor," "Jack gave some to Hannah," and "it was guuuuud." Poison control was called...Not knowing how much of the bottle was consumed and how much was on the floor - it was determined that it could have been a toxic amount. We ended up in the ER for a blood draw.

I had some friends that were working that day and it was nice to have them check on me while we were therefor our almost four hour stay. (4 hours trying to keep your children who want to run around/touch everything on a hospital bed.) They did great! I am proud of them! Even the blood draw went well. Jack didn't cry at all and came back holding his new bear telling me he was "so brave." Hannah did cry and the whole hospital heard her. But they did great. Turns out they barely got a swig each. Now they talk like this...

"When we go to the hospital somedays, it's gonna be fun." (I hope not again)

J&H with their "brave" bears.

*Disclaimer: I know/we know not to store any medicne within children's reach. They told me several times while we were there. I have been told by my Dr. I have heard others stories. However, it happens. It just so happened Mark and I forgot we had moved it to a diaper caddy while traveling over the holidays. We will now be extra cautious and it is back to its normal far-far away location.


  1. Sorry about the trip to the hospital-glad they are okay. Your kids are absolutely beautiful and I LOVE H's hair!!!

  2. Of course it happens! Love the disclaimer though. Ugh you are brave for dealing with that. I would have had a breakdown.