Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Date Night

Mark came home from work a bit early last night so we could go to the Michael W. Smith/Steven Curtis Chapman concert in Colorado Springs. We packed a dinner for the car and left our house around 4:30. The drive wasn't bad and was actually a nice change of scenery from our usual I-70 drive down to Denver. I hadn't been to Colorado Springs since the early 90's so it was fun to see a different part of Colorado. The diversity of the landscape in Colorado always amazes me.
We made it to the Pikes Peak Center shortly before the concert started but kept driving in search of an ATM. Luckily there was one very close by and it was there at the bank that I had the brilliant idea to switch seats into the passenger seat while Mark was inside getting cash. Mark came back to the car just in time to see me halfway over the center console and very stuck. With my belly much larger than usual I hadn't anticipated that I wouldn't be able to maneuver my legs up and over. We had a good laugh and he ended up having to come to the rescue and get me unstuck.
The concert was great - I am a longtime fan of Michael W. Smith and really enjoyed hearing him play and speak. Steven Curtis Chapman was great too and I was very touched by his story. Last year he lost his little girl in a tragic accident and he spoke of the hurt he and his family have felt as well as the healing God has given him. But he went on to say that there are only 2 days in life that really seem to matter. The day when we will be reunited with our Father and "this day" (today!) How true and what a good reminder to be living fully in the moment. It is often so easy to get caught up in the things that are happening next week, next month, next year.
After the concert we made a quick stop at Dunkin Donuts (yum!) for coffee and a blueberry cake donut and then began our trip home. As we were climbing into bed at 1 am this morning we were both exhausted but so pleased to have had such a nice evening out with one another. (And Mark by the way isn't really a huge fan of either of the artists, so it meant all that much more that he went with me.)

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