Thursday, April 30, 2009


definition: restless in desire or expectation; eagerly desirous.
Yes, this is me. I can't wait to get this baby out, to meet it, to name it, to love it, etc. Baby can really come at any point now. Earlier this week the Dr. said things looked good, (75% effaced, 1 cm dilated), baby's head is still very low and the Dr. commented that it must be uncomfortable. It is. She (the Dr.), then proceeded to tell Mark and I some natural ways to try and speed things along if we were so interested. She also commented that they would only work if the baby was ready. So we have tried all the things that people say might work: pineapple, pressure points, spicy food (we special ordered Chinese food with hot chili pepper), raspberry tea, etc. Yes, I realize that they are wives tales but it makes me feel better to do something rather than nothing. All this to say, baby must really like it in there. He/she must not know what they are missing - there are 2 parents dying to meet them.

On another note, 1 day of work left. I will be sad to stop working and will miss my students terribly. Today, I was surprised by a baby shower at work. It was a lot of fun...presents, talking with other women about babies, being encouraged that it is worth the wait. Oooooh, and there was yummy food! One of my favorite parts was when one of my students got to come to the part of the shower. He has been very interested in baby things lately, especially baby swings and it was fun to see him get so excited about the toys and such I received at the shower. He has also been telling his mom and myself that there is a baby in his tummy and its getting ready to come out. Boy won't he be surprised when I am the only one who produces a baby? One of my other students has been pretty sweet about the whole pregnancy thing too. He always asks if I am okay, tells me my belly is BIG, asks if I need to go to the Doctor. He has even gone so far as to help me out with names: *Jack Sparrow - boy name *Nim (from Nim's island) - girl name. I will definitely miss these two boys...we have spent a lot of time together the last couple of years.

As for the whole patience thing. I just have to remember God must have some special timing and I can keep praying/begging for more patience.

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