Monday, May 4, 2009

Everyday is a good day for a birthday right?

For those of you familiar with Grey's Anatomy you might recall that Dr. Derek Shepard has a famous line when beginning his surgeries "It's a great day for saving lives." I have begun the practice of beginning each of my days by telling myself "It's a great day for a birthday." Today, tomorrow, any day will do.

I had a Dr.'s appointment this morning. I am 80% effaced, still just 1 cm dilated. The doctors comment was I don't know how you are walking around with the baby's head so low. I have now seen all the doctors in the practice; they have all commented on how low the baby's head is and how uncomfortable it must be. He couldn't say whether or not I will make it to my next appointment. Baby seems to be healthy and measuring average size. He couldn't get an accurate read on baby size - again, baby's head is really low- hard to measure.

So we wait. Meanwhile, getting lots of little things done around the house. I watched 3 episodes of A Baby Story on TLC today while I was supposed to be eating lunch. I sat there eating my bagel, eyes glued to the screen, listening to the screams of overly tired and pregnant women screaming in the hospital. I finally made myself turn it off.

Tomorrow is a new day though. And it will be a great day for a birthday too!

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