Monday, May 18, 2009

I know he's my kid

I was watching Jack sleep tonight and he does the very same thing I do when he is really tired. He raises his right arm straight up in the air. Yes, it is weird I know. But for years I have woken up to see my right arm sticking straight up. This is not the first time I have caught him emulating the behavior of his mother. It's so cute.
Also today Jack and I enjoyed our first outing just the two of us. Right after a feeding we made a mad dash to Walmart and then to Starbucks for a tasty drink compliments of my brother and his wife Amie (gotta love the gift card!) Everything went well - we can do it on our own.


  1. good for you, megan! such a good feeling, too, to realize you can do it! we can't wait to see jack again...

  2. Anytime you want to send/bring Jack to grandma's house..............we are ready, willing and able.

  3. Ha ha...yes I am looking at plane tickets as we speak. Sadly we won't be coming till August, but WE ARE COMING!