Sunday, May 10, 2009

Jack is Here

Jack did arrive on Tuesday May 5, 2009. He came at 6:32pm, weighing 6 lbs., 19 inches long. We had a long day waiting for him. After arriving at the hospital my contractions were about 2 1/2 minutes apart. Mark and I walked the halls, smiling and laughing anxious to meet our little one. Around noon with contractions still a couple minutes apart they became a bit more painful. By 2:30 I was all the way dilated and I pushed for two and half hours. Mark was great and so encouraging through out the whole thing. The Dr. finally came in, I pushed some more, then we tried forceps. Baby wasn't going to come - it was time for a C-Section.

We prepped and went down to the Operating Room where we finally met Jack. Mark sat with me during the procedure and got to peek over the curtain just as they were pulling out the baby. He was the one to announce "It's a boy!" As they were stitching me up I experienced some severe shoulder pain and nausea - no Fun! But totally worth it to get to meet that handsome little guy.

Our stay in the hospital was 3 nights and we came home on Friday. We were very blessed to have some many of our friends stop by to meet Jack and to say hi to us. Wednesday afternoon just after lunch my mom arrived. Friday morning Mom arrived at the hospital and my brother followed her into the room - Uncle Jacob! What a surprise. Just as we were leaving the hospital on Friday - my dad arrived and everyone was able to accompany us home.

The weekend has gone well. Mark and I are both so in love with our little boy. He is just the most handsome and precious thing I have ever laid eyes on. I had no idea you could fall in love so fast. The first night he was born I just stared and stared at him. Mark is a great Dad!! Because of the C-section I have been very limited in what I am able to do, especially the first couple of days. Mark just jumped right in to changing diapers, calming him, and being a father to Jack.

My brother left on Saturday morning (quick visit) and my dad left early this afternoon. It was great to have them here even for a short time. Mom will be here till Wednesday. Grandma is great...she is helping with Jack, fixing us meals, and trying to allow us a little more sleep for when she is gone and we are on our own. EXCITED he is here. He is the greatest!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! he is beautiful! glad all are well!

  2. SO EXCITED for all of you. Take advantage of Mom being there and get as much sleep as you can. Can't wait to meet Jack.
    Love, Sabrina Triplett