Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Monday Sickness - Part 2

After writing post 1, I managed to pick up the house a bit before Mark came home. I quickly showered and my friend Tanya arrived to pick me up so we could drive down to Denver to see the Pioneer Woman. Who is one of my favorite bloggers - fantastic recipes! We ran an errand, stopped for dinner, and then headed to the Tattered Cover, the bookstore where Ree Drummond, Pioneer Woman was speaking and signing copies of her newly released cookbook.

When we got there we were in for quite the surprise - the room downstairs was completely full and there were lines coming up the staircases and out into the main part of the bookstore. Tanya wanted to see if she could go down to get a peek and I told her I was just going to sit down, I was starting to not feel so great. I was starting to feel hot, dizzy, and nauseous and it came on suddenly. Tanya went down heard a few questions, came back up, and we left. By this time I knew I was probably getting sick with whatever Jack had. We left and my health or what was left of it continuted to deteriorate.

To cut out lots of details, the rest of the story goes like this: Tanya drove and I proceeded to get sick over and over for the next 2 hours. We stopped at many gas stations and several places along the side of the road (I-70). Tanya is my hero. She was thoughtful, compassionate, and very understanding. She offered to stop at every gas station, which I pretty much took her up on. I know she reads my blog, so... Tanya, THANK YOU!

p.s. I never got to see the P.W. but I didn't care. And, Jack feeling better and me too.


  1. Yuck. You poor thing. Glad you are feeling better.

  2. Tanya is a GREAT friend!! She is really good at roadtripping too :) Sorry you got so sick, but glad you had Tanya.