Thursday, February 17, 2011

20 Week ultrasound/Coin Toss

We had our 20 week ultrasound almost two weeks ago. Everything went well and put to rest some of our fears from our E.R. visit during week 19. When we were expecting Jack we chose not to find out the gender. With this baby we were torn between finding out and waiting. That is, one of us really wanted to know the gender and one of us wanted to wait until the delivery. Both Mark and I felt very strongly about one way or the other so we ended up flipping a coin. I won the bet and we decided NOT to find out.

Upon winning the coin toss I immediately burst into tears: typical for a pregnant woman, I know. But I felt bad about winning. I know Mark really wanted to know. So while brainstorming for a perfect/heartfelt Valentine's Day gift I decided revealing the gender to him would be a great present. The morning of the ultrasound I made a card and took it early to the appointment where I worked out arrangements with the ultrasound technician. During the ultrasound we told her we didn't want to know the gender so she had us look away for awhile while she checked, said she would mark it in our chart, and marked it down for me in an envelope. I later went back and picked up the envelope.

THEN...on Monday night - Valentine's Day. I gave Mark the envelope. Actually, I gave it to him in a bag, wrapped in another bag, wrapped in a box. I wanted it to be a surprise.
So now we know the gender of baby # 3!!!
Jack and Hannah are going to make the reveal in a video post tomorrow, for is a picture of our healthy baby.


  1. what a fun idea, megan! and i can't wait to hear what you're having!!!!!


  2. I am praising Jesus for your baby's health, Megan! He/she is going to have the most incredible parents and siblings ever. xoxox