Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Back-blogged/Health News

Per usual when we go out of town I get way behind on blogging, so it is coming. There are a lot of posts that I would like to get up soon.

Also, we had a bit of a pregnancy scare this week. On Sunday I had some bleeding, cramping, and severe back pain that sent us to check in at the hospital. Thankfully the on-call Dr. was kind enough to allow me to come see her on the Labor and Delivery floor instead of going in through the E.R. We ruled out all the really scary things that could be happening - I got an IV just for fluids and then we went home. I had felt particularly terrible the whole day leading up to our evening visit and the IV just helped replenish some of what hadn't stayed down that day.

All this to say...I have a list of things to watch out for. My regularly scheduled Dr.'s visit is this coming Friday and am hoping to not revisit the Dr. before then. We will do a more thorough check then to make sure everything is still okay. But it is a little scary. I will be 20 weeks on Friday. Prayers for my health, prayers for little Baby!


  1. Megan I will continue in prayer for you and your family. I am glad you were able to get checked out and have an appt. on Friday again. That sounds scary. I Praise God for you, Mark, H, J and little Baby and take great comfort in knowing He is with you. I wish we were closer though!!

    I saw on your FB that it is -30 something that is difficult to imagine. I've been home for a few days just taking it easy. You know how we Tulsans are during a "blizzard" lol. I was supposed to work yesterday, today, Friday and Saturday of this week. We've been closed yesterday and today and probably tomorrow I won't work because I cannot get my car out of the driveway. Hopefully Friday and Saturday I will be able to work so that I can get some sort of a paycheck out of this week.

    xo and hope to talk to you soon.

  2. megan, you have definitely been on my heart this week. i will keep praying. i hope the appointment tomorrow goes well!


  3. gosh, I hope the rest of the pregnancy is clear sailing.

  4. Yuck. How scary! I'm keeping you, and baby, in my thoughts and prayer. I hope the rest of your pregnancy is without issues.