Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Smiles

Things that made me smile this weekend...

  • The number of laps my children run from the kitchen to the hallway to the living room and back to the kitchen.
  • H's ability to take her clothes off while she is supposed to be sleeping.
  • Time spent with Mark after the kids are in bed.
  • J drops his bib on purpose, throws up his hands in wonderment and proclaims "bummer."
  • Rock band with my kids...they love those drums.
  • Watching them interact with other little friends. Love watching them pretend they are one of the "big kids."
  • Kids helping switch the laundry and J says "Good Job Hannah."
  • H stacked all her stuffed animals behind the rails of her crib so she can see them while they are sleeping (I actually thought Mark had done it).
  • J now placing himself into time out when he doesn't follow directions.
  • Watching J&H play together, sing together, dance together, and listening to them talk while they are in their beds. It is clear they LOVE each other.

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