Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Stealthy Child

stealthy - adj \ˈstel-thē\
Definition of STEALTHY
1: slow, deliberate, and secret in action or character
2 : intended to escape observation : furtive

This word is a good description of Hannah. The child is an opportunist. She is smart, sneaky, and stealthy. I have seen her patiently wait until she thinks no one is looking and then do whatever it is she intends on doing.

Earlier this week she snuck away and her Papa found her upstairs in my room eating M&M's out of my nightstand drawer. We had a big talk about how she is not allowed in my drawer and she is not allowed upstairs without asking permission.

Today I set up H with a snack and a drink and went to change Jack's diaper. I came back and realized she was gone. I immediately went to the stairs and hollered up for her to "come down now!" She came down with her mouth stuffed very full. I asked her where she had been and what she had been doing and her response was "Mommy's drawer, eating M&M's...NOOOOO!" So we had a time-out, again!

Although it took everything in me not to laugh, I was actually quite proud of my candy-loving daughter. Anyone who knows me well knows that I LOVE candy! While pregnant with Jack I ate gobs of gummy worms, I ate gummy bears with Caleb. Since I have been home from having Caleb I have eaten 2 Huge bags (32 oz. bags) of Hot tamales. I think I might have a problem! I am also pretty sure that when we met Hannah's birth mother I saw her pull out a bag of candy, eat a couple of pieces and then put it back in her pocket.

I will now be closing the gate at the top of the stairs --all the time!


  1. Ha!! That reminds me of Elaina. We always say that she would rather ask forgiveness than permission- so opposite from her brother! Yesterday I found her and Audrey giving their stuffed animals a bath in the upstairs sink- water everywhere and having tons of fun, but something she knew she should have asked about first so I could help them find a place outside to do it!