Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Family of Five

First Family Picture as a Family of Five.

Late last Friday and Saturday Caleb turned a corner. The light came on and he started taking all his feedings out of a bottle on his own. We were cautiously optimistic as we had been told that babies this young can tire really easy, overdo it, and then regress a bit. On Sunday afternoon Caleb's Dr. came by and said if he continued to do well he could probably go home on Monday. Then Sunday afternoon I returned to a room in Labor and Delivery and Caleb got to spend the night with us. Hooray! Then we were officially discharged on Monday.

C in his going home outfit, ready for a road trip home.

We drove home and went straight to the doctor to have his oxygen adjusted for our 9600 ft. altitude and then hurried home to see everyone. There was a great big "Welcome Home Caleb" sign hanging in our kitchen and Jack and Hannah were pretty excited to see all of us. Both kids seem to be doing well with our new family member. Jack is just his normal happy self and always seems excited to see Caleb. Hannah is very curious and we find ourselves looking for constructive ways to let us have her help us.

The kids helping out their babies,
just like Mommy.

I am thankful we got to come home before my parents left town. They were a huge help watching the kids while we were down in Louisville, I only wish I had gotten more time with them.

Caleb is doing great! He sleeps a lot, then he eats, then he sleeps. Night time is going well - the last 3 nights he has eaten every 4 hours, which is as long as we are supposed to let him go given how much he is eating. We are having to wake him up to eat, so hopefully this a good sign of what is to come --maybe he will be a good little sleeper for us once he can take more food.


  1. Hooray! So excited that you all together under one roof. We will continue praying for Caleb (as well as the 4 of you).
    Tiffany McAdams

  2. Yippie! I am so glad you are all together at home. I LOVE the family picture...way too precious!

  3. I am soooo happy for you all! I love that the kids take care of their "babies" such a great idea!

  4. I love this update. The photos are such a treat to see what's been going on :) love and prayers from here continuously xox

  5. btw you look GORGEOUS Megan!!!!!!!