Sunday, May 29, 2011

Saturday Fun Day with my little monkeys

I looked forward to yesterday all week - the day I got to spend with Jack and Hannah. My parents and Mark brought down Jack and Hannah down to spend the day. I spent the morning with Caleb and then met up with the crew around 10:30. We went to a butterfly pavilion and had a fantastic time. It was recommended to me by several of the nurses and we were told to wear red as the butterflies often land you when wearing that color. We looked at bugs, held spiders, touched marine life (starfish, pencil urchins), and went into the butterfly room where they were flying everywhere. Hannah has been obsessed with butterflies ever since we gave her a butterfly temporary tattoo a few weeks ago and Jack liked to show us with his hands how butterflies fly.

Mark holding Rosie the tarantula.

Touching starfish with Dad.

J&H with Gigi and Grandpa.

After the B-fly pavilion we drove to a nearby park for a picnic lunch and then let the kids run around like crazy on the playground equipment. The time of their life I tell you! Then off for a "rest time," in my hospital room where we watched a little Buzz Lightyear. Next we paid a quick visit to baby brother (no tears this time). After that we went to the Super Wal-Mart where Jack got a hair cut and enjoyed our Skittle bribe. Finally, we went to IHOP for dinner where we got to see firsthand how both our children handle a lack of naps. Jack was punch-drunk happy and Hannah was just agitated. After dinner we said a tearful goodbye and my parents drove the kids home.

So good to see my little ones, I have really missed them.

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