Wednesday, May 25, 2011


We are a bit isolated here at the hospital. Our hospital in Summit County does not have the facilities to take care of little preemie babies. So they transported Caleb and I down to Louisville, Colorado which is not too far from Boulder. On Sunday, my parents arrived and they got to meet their newest little grandson.

Gigi and Grandpa meeting Caleb

On Monday, Jack and Hannah got to meet their new baby brother. They showed up at the hospital saying "Love you Mommy," (made my day) : ) We talked about "mommy's hurt," (my incision from the C-section) and also about how the baby is no longer in my belly but instead down the hall sleeping. Mark and Grandpa took the kids to the store before coming to the hospital and they each got to pick out a little something to give Caleb as a "present." Jack picked out a little pull toy that is a bird and Hannah picked out a monkey. I am pretty sure Hannah thought she was going to get to keep it. We took the kids to the nursery window and they got to watch Dad come over with Caleb and give him the toys that J&H picked out. As soon as H saw Dad holding Caleb she lost it. Lots of tears and "Daddy Hold you." We quickly tried to distract them by bringing out presents from Caleb to the kids. It was 2 baby dolls wrapped in Target bags...then we talked about how everyone was holding a baby. Daddy had a baby, Jack had a baby, and Hannah had a baby!

The rest of the day was wheel chair rides from Grandpa and Gigi around the hospital halls. Popsicles from hospital staff, a movie in the room, trips to ice machine, and lunch as a family (minus Caleb). I miss those little turkeys and can't wait to see them again - hopefully on Saturday!

2 Tired kiddos with Dad after an eventful day and No Nap.


  1. HOW SWEET!!! And Caleb looks to me like Jack! Such a cutie. And good idea about the baby dolls to learn about holding the baby!

  2. I love this update. What a great idea to exchange gifts in that way among your kiddos. :) xo