Friday, May 27, 2011


My dad drove Mark back home on Wednesday, which was really sad for me. I am sure it is a combo of hormones and just wanting to not be alone down here , but Wednesday afternoon and evening were really hard for me. Lots of crying. My mom ended up driving down yesterday (Thursday) and spent afternoonevening and this morning with me. It is just nice to have someone with me good for grandma/Caleb time too. A friend of mine is on her way now for a quick visit and my parents, mark, and the kids come down tomorrow. Hooray!
Little guy is doing good. His temperature is pretty regulated. He is back on oxygen (no biggie, he will go back up to the mountains with it anyway.) Caleb is on an every other bottle feed. The others he is tube fed. He needs every feeding to bra bottle feeding before he comes home. For now he is getting tuckered out and using so much energy when he drinks out of the bottle that he can't stay awake at the next feeding. But it will come.
For now he is getting loved on and I can be with him. Prayers for c' energy and development are appreciated.
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  1. Will continue praying Megan. Keep us updated. :) I'll pray for your peace as well!

  2. Oh Megan you are in a really really difficult situation with a hospitalized baby and 2 at home. I don't blame you for crying. I cried like a looney bin when my Abraham was hospitaized for 2 days and Mimi was at home 30 minutes away and that was without any sort of preg hormones. I hope you are able to get through the days one at a time and this will all soon be a distant memory. Hugs