Saturday, May 21, 2011


Born 5.21.11
4lbs. 10 oz
18 inches

A picture of M&I right before the C-section.

Hooray, he is here!

I came out of "recovery" super fast so that I could go visit my little guy.

All 3 of us before heading down to Denver. This was my first time holding him.

Just a few hours old and going on his first "road trip."

My first visit to see Caleb at our new Home, I mean hospital.

Today's Pics

This will by far be the best part of my day. They let me be skin to skin with my little guy for 30-45 minutes. Makes this Mama happy!!

Our little superman holding his own.


  1. made my morning to see these! you all look wonderful and supermom after a C? fantastic, you look fantastic. it won't be long!

  2. Megan!
    Wow, What a delivery! What a cute little guy! We'll be praying that the would grow strong and healthy and you guys can be home with Hannah and Jack in no time! Keep us updated as you can.

  3. Congratulations, again!! Caleb is so precious. Thanks for sharing all these pictures. Thinking of you guys...and praying Caleb grows and develops quickly.

  4. great to read this and see the pictures, megan. i am praying for you all continuously. he is beautiful!