Monday, May 16, 2011

2011 Graduate

NOW, it is finally finished. I recently talked about how Mark is finished with grad school but now that he attended graduation it really is over. I think he is excited and relieved to be done. Of course, I am proud and thankful. It is great timing with #3 coming soon, no more homework nights or conference calls.

This last weekend we went to Ft. Collins, home of Colorado State University to celebrate and attend the ceremony. We found a great little 2 BR VRBO just a couple of blocks from campus. The morning of graduation we went to the M.B.A. "open house" for a light reception and a tour of the building. The kids came too - they enjoyed the snacks. After that we got ready for the ceremony and had a babysitter over to watch the kids.

The ceremony was nice and felt like a" Celebration" and an "End" to Mark's 4 years of hard work. It was long...almost 2 and a half hours - there were over 800 graduate students walking. We were anxious to get back to the kids after the ceremony and went out to celebrate at a local pizza place.

Little man and I with his "fake smile."

H enjoying some pizza!

Congrats again to Mark!

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