Friday, May 25, 2012


A special guest post from my beautiful mother. I still don't even know what to say so I will let her share in her own words... 

May my testimony of this past week bless you - and to God give the Glory!

Friday, May 18, 2012 I got up– absolutely dreading the biopsy that was in store for me. 

 To back up …… 4 years ago I was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of the lung. I had a lobectomy (removal) of the lower left lobe of my lung and continued with a follow up of 3 months of chemotherapy. I go every six months for a full ct scan – and a follow up with my oncologist. 

 In February I had my regular ct scan and was told there was a new nodule on my lung that had not been seen before. Recommendation was to watch and re-check in 3 months. 2 weeks ago – I went in for re-check CT of just the chest There were now 5 nodules – and the one they had seen before had doubled in size. Oncologist felt it was cancer and a PET scan needed (which lights up & confirms cancer). My oncologist told me that if it was cancer –he didn’t think we could cure it – but he had an arsenal to get it in remission. ‘a sign of hope’ He also mentioned that Dr.’s were only human –prayer was important, and that Doctor’s aren’t the end all. 

 Waited / tick-tock / for the insurance to be approved. That came through late Tuesday. Dr.’s office called and scheduled a PET scan for me for Wednesday. (thank you Jesus) Moving rapidly – they were able to schedule an office visit with oncologist for results on Thursday. Though nothing lit up on the scan, he felt one of the nodules was large enough to be biopsied. He left the room – and personally called a friend at St. John’s hospital – who said he would work me in on Friday (the next day ) for the biopsy. (thank you Jesus again

 When we arrived for the biopsy – the nurses were buzzing and wondering why a lung biopsy was scheduled on Friday – as that was a no-no at this hospital. If a lung biopsy is done on Friday and there are complications that require an overnight stay – it’s hard to get a Dr. to sign off and let the patient out of the hospital on the weekend…..hence no Friday lung biopsies. 

 The nurses asked how I got the apt. I told them that my Dr. had called Dr. Lawless at St. John and arranged it . They seemed slightly taken aback….guess that doesn’t happen too often. (thank you Jesus again). With no drugs administered they prepped me for the biopsy as they wanted to compare their CT scan to the scan sent by my oncologist. They put me in the CT scan machine & sent Jim out of the room. Again - No drugs were administered.

 I thought it was only for a few minutes, but Jim says it was at least 10 – 15 minutes of whirring from the machine. During that time – lying down – with arms raised overhead – in perfect CT scan position……… I focused on my breathing and staying calm as I have been extremely anxious the last several weeks. With my eyes closed and focusing on the ‘mantra’ – ‘Lord – if it be Your will – please take this cup from me’. The next thing I see is a grouping of angels surrounding my prone body……they are in white robes / with feathers on their wings……just like you see in some bible pictures. They take turns butting their feet up next to me and pull black goopy stuff from my body. It is thick enough that they get off balance as they extract the goop. Once one has pulled some out – another comes and quickly takes their place to pull more of the goop from me. This happens like a tug of war for the duration of my time in the CT machine. The whirring slows down and stops. Again – I have had NO DRUGS.

 The ‘Biopsy Doctor’ comes in and says………..I need to call your oncologist. He then retreats for 10 minutes while I have a breakdown – fearing my body is so full of the black plague – that doing a biopsy would be fruitless. (get behind me satan) Two nurses and Jim stand by my side to comfort and distract me. ‘Dr. biopsy’ comes back and tells me “there is absolutely no sign of cancer or the nodules previously seen on the CT scans. Your CT scan is clean – and there is nothing there for me to biopsy.” Praise Jesus…... He says he can’t explain the lack of seeing anything, after comparing it with the disc I brought of the previous 2 CT scans and PET scan. He even called in a colleague to verify what he was ‘not’ seeing.

 I’m not saying that I don’t have cancer……..I’m not saying I will never have cancer……….I am only saying that here today – I stand before you a clean woman through God’s grace, mercy and divine intervention. I am so grateful for all those that chose to lift me up in intercessory prayer. God hears the cry of His people. 

Thank you in the name of Jesus,


  1. Yessss!!!!! Oh, my goodness I can barely type I am just overjoyed with this news!!!!!! Love you Janice and Megan. It has been such a privilege and blessing to pray for you and your whole family during this time. I never wavered in faith as I prayed, believing God has you in His loving care. His faithfulness endures forever, amen!

  2. thanks for sharing that, janice & megan! so fun to re-hear the story from your mom's perspective! praise GOD for miracles that still happen TODAY!


  3. I know exactly what to say. HALLELUJAH!